OriGlam® Portable Dual Nozzle Rose Red 110V 600W High Voltage AC Electric Balloon Blower Pump/Electric Balloon Inflator with Built-in Motor, Advanced Wire Storage Function, For Birthday Party Wedding Decoration

  • Main Features:
    - Inflate balloons quickly under high pressure.
    - lightweight design, it can be conveniently taken along with for birthday, wedding or any other celebration occasions to fly the colorful balloons.
    - Controls motor temperature by using the high-speed air stream so as to maintain motor under working temperature for longtime usage.
    - It’s special nozzle makes operation much easier. It start when you press down the nozzle and stop immediately when releasing, if large number of balloons need inflating, you may turn on the button for continuous use.
    - Fashionable design for celebration.
    - With patented special cooling system for motor, support continuous use for long time.
    - With special-design noise, inflate at a press and stop while relieving with additional on / off button continuous use.
  • Operating Steps:
    1: Pinch two sides of mouth of balloon with your fingers.
    2: Cover inflation port with balloon.
    3: Inflate balloon by pushing inflation port down.
    4: Release inflation port when balloon size is suitable.
  • Power Supply: AC 110V ~ 120V 60Hz 600W
  • Noise: < 90dB
  • Color: Peach
  • Material: ABS
  • Pressure: 15000pa
  • Dimensions: 200 x 160 x 130mm
  • Package Dimensions: 205 x 170 x 138mm
  • Net Weight: 1173g
  • Package Weight: 1280g
  • Warning:
    1. Never leave pump unattended while the pump is in use.
    2. Do not use the pump in wet condition.
    3. Never allow sand, small rocks to be sucked into inflation port & blowhole when using the pump.
    4. Never look inside or point the inflation port & blowhole toward your eyes when the pump is working.
    5. Never attempt to put hand or fingers into the inflation port & blowhole at any time.
  • Model: 081501512Q
  • Approved: CE / FCC
  • After Sales Service: 1 Year Warranty

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