OriGlam® High Quality Fast 680W Two Filling Nozzles Electric Balloon Inflator Pump, Inflate Various Size Balloon

  • Main Features:
    - Small size, easily operated anywhere anytime.
    - Fashion design for celebration.
    - Inflate balloons quickly under high pressure.
    - With patented special cooling system for motor, support continuous use for long time.
    - With special-design nozzle, inflate at a press and stop while relieving.
    - With additional on / off button for continuous use.
    - Its special nozzle makes operation much easier. It start when you press down the nozzle and stop immediately when releasing.
    - Installed with our patented motor cooling system, this new-design balloon pump controls motor temperature by using the high-speed air stream so as to maintain motor under working temperature for long-time usage.
  • How to Use: Plug in power, press the switch, it can work. The balloon pump has double nozzle,so you can inflate two balloons in the meantime. It can help you to solve half time.
  • Voltage: AC110V ~ 120V
  • Hertz: 60hz
  • Power: 680W
  • Pressure:2.00psi
  • Noise: < 90dB
  • Color: Blue
  • Material: ABS
  • Dimensions: 170 x 165 x 150mm
  • Package Dimensions: 180 x 175 x 157mm
  • Net Weight: 1418g
  • Package Weight: 1527g
  • NOTE:
    1. This pump is intended to balloons. Extended operation over 4 hours can overheat and damage the pump.
    2. Keep the pump out of reach of children.
    3. Do not obstruct the inflation port & nozzles, keep them ventilated all the time.
    4. Choose the suitable nozzle to reduce the working time of pump when inflating the balloons.
    5. When pump is working, close the wire cover in order to prevent the balloon being sucked into the pump and damage it.
  • Model: 081501513Q
  • Approved: CE / FCC
  • After Sales Service: 1 Year Warranty
  • Accessories:
  • 1 x User Manual